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Baby barn from 1 month

Baby barn is a comfortable homely space where our youngest nine babies are cared for by a competent staff team working within a ratio of 1:3. Babies can explore a variety of stimulating experiences within a safe and secure environment. There are play and rest areas with toys stored at floor level to allow more mobile babies to access them when they want to. There is a separate sleep room with cots, and a nappy changing area. Babies in this room continue their own routine from home in respect of feeding and sleep times. All meals, snacks, drinks, nappies and creams are provided by us.

As with all children in our care babies have a key-person who works closely with you to ensure continuity and individual attention. After a settling in period that is individually tailored around your and your babies’ needs you can feel confident and reassured in the quality of care that your baby is receiving.

Babies enjoy daily walks within our grounds and also explore our ‘treasure baskets’, experiment with bubbles and paint, and join in with our singing and story-time. We provide a daily form that details the whole of your babies’ day in Baby Barn as well as the chance to speak to a member of the team every day.