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Terms and conditions

1. Fees
1.1 An initial and non-refundable registration fee of £25.00 is payable to enrol your child.
1.2 A non-refundable confirmation payment of £100.00 is payable 2 months before commencement and this will be deducted from your first month’s fees.
1.3 On joining and on leaving Whipper-snappers, fees for part months will be charged at the standard extra day rate.
1.4 One month’s notice is required to alter the pattern of attendance and on closing a child’s place.
1.5 Fees are payable monthly in advance on the 1st of each month by standing order. They are calculated according to the current schedule of fees.
1.6 Opening times are 7.30 a.m. until 6.30 p.m. Children will not be accepted before 7.30 a.m. A late collection penalty charge of £20 will be applied at our discretion.
1.7 There is a £7.50 administration charge for swapping a day’s attendance. These can only be made for reasons other than holidays or sickness and are not guaranteed. A swap day must be taken within the same week as original attendance. The latest a request to swap will be accepted is the Wednesday of the preceding week.
1.8 An allowance is made for family holidays by charging half rate for four weeks. A further allowance of two weeks at full rate will be made for Bank Holidays and Christmas – New Year break when Whipper-snappers is closed. This gives a total allowance of four full weeks and is included within the monthly fee.
1.9 You are invoiced 48 weeks of the year – allowing for 4 weeks holiday, creating 12 equal monthly payments.
1.10 Because your child’s place remains secured, no allowance is made in the case of absence, for any reason.
1.11 Fees are fully inclusive of all meals, snacks, drinks, baby milk, nappies and creams etc. as appropriate.
1.12 Fees will remain payable during any period of closure due to reasons of forces beyond our control such as extreme weather, loss of heating, lighting, fire or flood and non-admittance of the child for any reason.
1.13 The proprietors reserve the right to charge interest on fees that are outstanding on the due date and to alter fees.
1.14 Registered for free early education and childcare entitlement.
1.15 Employee childcare vouchers and BACS payments are accepted.
1.16 When a waiting list exists for a place, preference will be given to siblings of children already attending.
1.17 A 10% sibling discount is given for the eldest of two or more children attending the same session.
1.18 Extra days attended will be invoiced at the end of the month and will be charged at the standard daily rate.
2. General
2.1 The policies and procedures, which govern the way Whipper-snappers operates are set out in writing, detailing how we comply with the Department for Education’s statutory framework. Parents may view these documents at any time.
2.2 During your child’s time at Whipper-snappers a learning journey will be kept, which you have the right to see. Photographs may be taken to support observations, assist with staff training and for display purposes.
2.3 Prompt notification of child’s non-attendance must be given.
2.4 It is the parent’s duty to notify any changes in the contact details for the child and family.
2.5 Children’s clothes and belongings should be clearly marked with their name. Whipper-snappers takes no responsibility for any damage or loss.
2.6 It is our responsibility to refer to the local safeguarding board if we have any concerns about the well-being of any child in our care.
2.7 Parents should address any concern or complaint verbally to a senior member of staff in the first instance and then if necessary, with the proprietors. We are registered with Ofsted No. 402288 and if it is felt the concern has not been dealt with appropriately they have the right to contact Ofsted directly on: 0300 123 1231.
2.8 The proprietors reserve the right to terminate a child’s attendance in cases where unacceptable disruption/distress is caused to the other children and Whipper-snappers routine.
2.9 No valuables or money may be brought to Whipper-snappers.
2.10 Permission is given for parents to enter into a private agreement with staff for babysitting but Whipper-snappers has no connection or liability with this agreement.
2.11 Parents employing a member of our staff on a permanent basis within three months of leaving Whipper-snappers will be liable to an introduction fee of £1,000.
3. Health and Safety

Please ensure gates and doors are securely closed when arriving and leaving.


Whipper-snappers must be informed if your child contracts an infectious or notifiable disease. Children may not attend while they are infectious. For exclusion periods we refer to guidance from the Health Protection Agency.


The management team has complete discretion as to whether a child is regarded as well enough to attend.


Clear advice must be given to enable a practitioner to administer prescribed medication. Please ensure the medication book is signed on initial instruction and then daily on collection of your child. Medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and the dosage required.


In the event of a child becoming ill, parents will be contacted and advised accordingly.


If appropriate, permission will be sought to administer one dose of liquid paracetamol.


A first aid box is located in all rooms. All practitioners are qualified in pediatric first aid.


Parents will be informed verbally of all accidents and will be required to sign an accident form.


For accidents requiring a doctor or hospital treatment, every endeavour will be made to contact a parent in the first instance, followed by the nominated emergency contact. Failing this, Whipper-snappers will act on your behalf until contact has been made.


Under no circumstances will we allow a child to be collected by anyone other than a nominated person, unless this has been pre-arranged verbally by the parent.


Smoking is not permitted in any of the nursery buildings or environs.


Whipper-snappers has a combined Employers’ and Public Liability insurance policy.

4. Driveway

The maximum speed allowed on the driveway is 10 mph and 5 mph in the car parking area. These limits MUST be strictly adhered to at all times.


All four wheels of your vehicle must go over the speed humps to avoid damaging the grass verge or falling into a ditch at the side of the drive.


The driveway is a single track up to the end of the ‘long barn’ and cars can only pass at the passing bays. Passing at any other points will not be tolerated.


Incoming cars have priority.


Outgoing cars must stop at the end of the ‘long barn’ by the STOP sign to ensure the drive is clear before proceeding.


If, before reaching the gate, an incoming car is on the drive, cars MUST pull into the passing bay on the left to allow the incoming car to pass.


Incoming cars should use the passing bays on the left if an outgoing car is already proceeding between the outgoing passing bay and the exit gate.


The above rules of the driveway MUST be adhered to. Anybody that is reported as breaking these rules will be given a verbal warning, followed if necessary, by a written warning. Further rule breaking will result in the driver being disallowed vehicular access to Whipper-snappers.

5. Parking

Parking is only permitted in the allocated areas and at no time should vehicles be parked on any grass verges.


The entrance to the courtyard must not be blocked to ensure the safety of pedestrians and emergency services access.


On leaving and returning to your vehicle you MUST approach and return via the courtyard for Pre School, Big Barn and Toddler Barns for safety reasons, please do not walk through the staff car parking area.


Please park and reverse your vehicle with extreme caution.


Vehicles are brought onto Whipper-snappers premises at the owners risk.